Spice-MLP and Spice-SOM : Multi-Layer Neural Network and Self-Organizing Map Software

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Users’ guide
Spice-MLP’ Guide English Version
Spice-SOM’ Guide English Version
Neural Networks in Practice that illustrates classifications for face, pedestrians and car, stock price prediction, exchange forecast and other examples.

SPICE-SOM is a Self-Organizing Map Application. SPICE-MLP (the old name is SpiceNeuro or Neural Network Example – NNE) is a small application of Three-Layer Neural Network (NN) with multi-inputs and outputs, written for students who wanted to learn NN applications.

This application are written by Cao Thang 2003-2016. For newer versions or more requirements, please feel free to contact Cao Thang at thawngc AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you for reading and using these applications. If you find error in these applications, please contact the author, thank you.

Some Interface Images of the Spice-MLP and Spice-SOM (Click on each image for a bigger viewer)

en_1  en_2

en_3  en_4

en_6  en_7

Some results modeling by Spice-MLP and Spice-SOM

en_5 aodai_ccv

face3  face2

face1  pedestrian2

pedestrian1  cars2